In 2016, (Washington, DC) – International Investment Banking,LLC have partnered with Horton Construction Solutions – Africa (HCS Africa) based in Dallas, Texas was founded by Terry Horton, the largest home-builder in the US for the past twenty years with annual revenues exceeding $18 billion. Horton Construction Solutions: (HCS) provides the latest in technological advancements to offer a superior building system competitively priced. Within its homes, HCS will use a Structural Insulated Panel System (SIPS) from a proprietary composite formulation that provides a stronger, greener, longer lasting and faster to construct Building System. The same composite material used in the new Boeing Airbuses is used in the walls of the HCS homes, schools, and commercial buildings. Combine that with partnerships with the latest technological advances in solar, HVAC, water supply, windows, and other systems and the HCS building is the most advanced building system on the market. DR Horton has produced as many as 65,000 homes and produced over $18.3 billion in sales revenue annually. HCS can provide multiple factories in a country to supply the regional needs capable of producing anywhere from 300 to over 10,000 homes per year per factory, thus providing local employment. HCS factories will produce a composite laminate Sips Panel Homes that is highly energy efficient, resulting in utility costs reduced by half.

Horton Construction Solutions and IIB team to construct low cost houses around the world, making them affordable and accessible to all. IIB to assist in the financing and implementation of housing projects.


In 2016, (Washington, DC) – International Investment Banking, LLC and MIDWEST INDUSTRIAL SUPPLY, INC.FOUNDED IN 1977, Midwest Industrial Supply with Corporate Head Office in Canton, Ohio, USA, have partnered to provide construction of your road projects utilizing our innovative GreenPave natural paving solutions. This proprietary process will result in considerable cost savings of the order of 40-60% compared to current methods while providing superior performance.The firm has been committed for forty-five years to developing and implementing superior road construction systems and products.


In 2016, International Investment Banking, LLC, have partnered with Cohen Woods International, Inc. (CWI) from Washington, DC. This firm specializes in identifying global developers who implement major power projects utilizing Public Private Partnership arrangements.

In 2016, International Investment Banking,LLC , have partnered with Godman Power Solutions, Inc. (GPG) from Springfield Virginia, to provide and build turnkey energy solutions – Hydro, Wind, Solar, Geothermal, Waste-to Energy Turbines and Generators. And IIB to assist in the financing and implementation of power projects.

Godman Power Group: GPG is a highly skilled engineering integrator and builder of power and energy solutions and services. Combine innovative design, quality construction, and well-planned and efficiently executed implementation with comprehensive support, throughout project lifecycle. Best-practice approach features a balance of conventional and renewable energy resources, combining tried-and-true technologies with the emerging solutions to provide on-time delivery of economical and accessible power, wherever it is needed.


In 2016 International Investment Banking, LLC have partnered with Second Development Services, Inc. (“SDS”) of Brooklyn, NY, is a leading developer of real estate properties (primarily residential) in New York City. It specializes in adaptive reuse of existing buildings along with rehabilitations and new construction. IIB to assist in projects funding.