International Investment Banking is a global investment banking firm which offers funds, capital to companies and governments. We provide direct financing, as well as participate in joint financing together with national, International banks and various investors.
The support may be provided in the form of direct loans, syndicated and subordinated loans, in the form of documentary instruments, as well as investments in equity and investment funds.


IIB finances investment projects that meet the responsible investing criteria.
The financial and other terms and conditions are determined on a case-by-case basis, based on the purpose of provision of financing, type of financing, contracting parties, transaction structure and collateral.


We provide our clients with our know-how in the structuring of off-balance sheet project finance in order to optimize the risk. Therefore, our team will identify various external and internal factors and their possible impact on the project. Accordingly, we will set up a financing structure that will account for the needs and risks of project plans.
Our staff will help craft strategies to improve risk management, improve credit, lending guidelines and practices.