Management Team

Basha White: Vice President, Public Relations

Basha White is a Vice President, Public Relations of International Investment Banking (IIB):

Serve as leader in developing new business and strategic partnerships in the mid -market.Foster, promote and facilitate cross -selling of company-wide products, services and capabilities.Collaborate with colleagues (executive, leadership and peers) to develop new products and services.Contribute to the strategic planning and execution of all sales, marketing and public relations activities. Increase customer base and add to existing customer profitability.Identify, design, develop and implement market-driven strategies to achieve revenue goals and the company’s mission.

Oversee marketing programs and partner channels that increase the company ‘s revenues and mid-market customer base and expand existing channels. Identify potential strategic partners, alliances and relationships to expand core product lines or bring new product lines to the organization. Promote a customer -oriented focus and advocate consultative customer relationships. Develop and maintain high -profile external relationships within customer constituents,professional organizations, etc. (public relations presence). Act as primary contact for internal and external constituents.

Philip Bamu: Vice President Operations
Philip C Bamu · PE, CEng, FIStructE, FZweIE, MASCE
Abridged Resume’


Engineer Philip C Bamu began his engineering career as a Materials Technician with the Ministry of Roads& Road Traffic back in 1973. Among the projects he worked on was the extension of the main runway andnew taxiway construction at Bulawayo Airport in 1973 -74 before he left to pursue further studies overseas.He obtained his first degree in Civil Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur in 1979. Hethen spent a short stint on road construction projects in the jungles of South America before proceeding topursue his Master’s degree in Structural Engineering at The Ohio State University, which he completed in1981.

On returning to Zimbabwe, Eng. Bamu joined BKS & Partners as a civil/structural design engineer fromJanuary, 1982. He was involved in a number of infrastructure projects around the country such asChecheche and Rutenga Growth Points as well as design of numerous bridges around the country. Someof the buildings he designed in the early part of his career include the Morris Depot Lecture complex andthe Staff College and Officers Mess within the KG6 Army Complex.

In 1986 BKS & Partners changed ownership to become Young Bamu Jennings and Engineer Bamu tookover as the Partner in charge of structural engineering. In 1996 he took over as Managing Director andcontinued to head the structural engineering division. Among the prominent projects he designed duringthis time were the Bulawayo Dairy, Nestle’ Head Office Harare, Zimre Flats in Eastlea (Churu Farm), ZimreOffice Building Mutare, Phumula Center at Victoria Falls, Government Composite Office Block Harare, theNew NSSA Headquarters building in Harare, Masterplan for the Bindura University of Science Education,and numerous Residential Flat complexes for the Mining industry Pension Fund such as, Charingirah,Calder Gardens, Spencer Cook, to name a few.

Engineer Bamu took an active part in ZIE affairs from the late eighties becoming fellow of the Institution in1994 and President for the Year 1996-97. He served on a number of national boards including AirZimbabwe, UZ Council, UZ African Languages Research Institute, NAMACO and the Bindura University ofScience Education where he was Vice Chairman of Council. Engineer Bamu is a Fellow of the Institution ofStructural Engineers and has been the Institution’s representative for the Washington, DC area since 2005.He published 100 Years of Engineering Achievements in Zimbabwe, presented during the Centenarycelebrations of the Scientific Council of Zimbabwe in 1997 as well as Zimbabwean Civil Engineering Historyand landmarks presented at the 2001 Annual conference of the American Society of Civil Engineering. Healso co-authored two research papers on long-term deterioration of reinforced concrete tower shells.

Since 2001 Engineer Bamu has been based in the USA, where he founded a structural engineering firm,PCB International located in the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area. In addition to traditional structuralengineering, Eng. Bamu provides specialist engineering services including design of seismic bracing ofnon-structural components as well as design of Physical and Technical Security Systems for individualbuildings and compounds. He currently provides these services on US Embassy projects all over the world.Over the past seven years he has been involved in nearly thirty projects in Africa, Europe, Asia, South andLatin America.

Patrice Muya: Deputy Managing Director

Patrice Muya is a Deputy Managing Director of International Investment Banking(IIB) in Washington, DC. Consult with partners,investors and businesses as appropriate to assess their fiscal oversight needs in regard to their development projects. Patrice is currently working with many countries and businesses on structuring financial packages, restructuring corporate to suit their projects and feasibility analysis.

He has structured the financing of a number of projects ranging from commodity and trade finance, project and infrastructure finance. His executive positions in real estate banking, development, management and brokerage have given him direct involvement in all kinds of credit and equity transactions collateralized by all types of properties throughout the United States.

Patrice is currently the Executive Director of the Universal Free School for Children (UFSFC) a non-for-profit that promote free primary and secondary school for children around the world and provide scholarships to students admitted in the USA colleges. He is also involved in a number of non -for-profit organizations in the United States and abroad in the areas of health, education, environmental protection and women in development.

Patrice earned a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from Strayer University and a Bachelor Degree in International Relations.

Patrice speaks English, French,and is conversation all in numerous regional languages and understands the
complexities of the international market space.